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Olds Alberta Canada

Fionavar K9 Training

"Building The Team"

March 6,7,8 2020:

Kathy Keats:

Momentum Mindset Seminar

 Each group as 12 hours with Kathy of "Skill development to start you off on how to Focus to stay in the mental Game" , Geared towards our sport of Agility !

Success leaves a trail...

Whether you want to write a book, start a successful online business, or win a championship, there are common steps (and obstacles) on the path to success.

Kathy understands the highs and lows — the roller coaster — of going after your dreams.

She has gone from the devastation of blowing her knee out to the high of winning a world championship, from losing her business facility and wondering how she was going to pay the next month's bills to building an incredible lifestyle with an online business.

And much of her success has revolved around strategies to help her keep going, stay focused when things got hard, show up consistently and get back to building momentum.

Kathy has represented Canada in international competition in three different disciplines: basketball, dog agility, and sheepdog trialing, and won two world championships, a national championship, and many regional events and personal accolades along the way.

Kathy has also coached at the university (basketball) and international level (dog agility), and graduated from the National Coaching Institute of Canada.

Kathy is an online entrepreneur, peak performance coach, dog lover, author, musician (especially after a glass of wine!), artist, sport enthusiast — and lovin' the ride!